Siege of Orgrimmar Holy Paladin Guide

Hello, today I will be discussing healing the Tier 16 (Siege of Orgrimmar) encounters from a Paladin perspective. For each section, I’ll first mention my recommended talents and glyphs, then go over any special stat priorities (if they are different from your typical priority), then mention encounter-specific strategies and tips. For encounters with debuffs, I will also make note of whether immunities are effective or not – many encounter mechanics are flagged to ignore them.

This is not a guide to the encounters themselves, and I am assuming you have full knowledge of the fight mechanics on heroic mode (if you do not, guides are readily available, so I would just be repeating them anyway) – I’m simply going to discuss paladin specific tips to handling them.

While this guide is focused on heroic mode only, most of the tips are also effective on normal mode, though possibly unnecessary (as an example, the raid AoE from the Mogu Crates, on Spoils of Pandaria, does trivial damage on lower difficulties).

For talents, I will assume that you are taking Speed of Light (or Long Arm of the Law as an option for SH talent), Fist of Justice, and Holy Avenger for all encounters, as they are more or less mandatory. You should also use Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice on every fight, since the external cooldown (without worry of taking damage yourself) is extremely helpful.

H: Immerseus

Talents and Glyphs: Eternal Flame, Unbreakable Spirit, and Holy Prism are the best talents for this fight, since Selfless Healer is not strong at healing Contaminated Puddles. Beacon of Light and Flash of Light are the best glyphs for this fight, as they give a healing boost on Contaminated Puddles.

Stat Priorities: Mastery and Spirit lose a lot of value on this encounter, due to the Contaminated Puddles. Ideally you will want to maximize Intellect, Haste, and Critical Strike in that order.

Strategies and Tips:

  • The beginning of the encounter will stress raid healing over puddle healing. The end of the encounter will stress puddle healing over raid healing, so adjust your cooldown usage accordingly.
  • You can cast Beacon of Light on Contaminated Puddles.
  • You can use Lay on Hands to quickly get Purified Residue from a puddle.
  • Divine Shield can save you from a bad Swirl.

H: Fallen Protectors

Bosses: Rook Stonetoe, He Softfoot, Sun Tenderheart

Talents and Glyphs: Holy Prism is the best 90 talent for this fight. For the 60 talents, Unbreakable Spirit gives you more survival, and Clemency gives you more raid utility, so pick accordingly. Divinity glyph is recommended since the fight is extremely mana intensive.

Strategies and Tips:

  • This fight is extremely mana intensive, so be careful with mana management.
  • Save heavy throughput cooldowns for Rook Stonetoe’s Desperate Measures phases, since the raid damage and death potential is generally the highest here. You can also save a set of cooldowns for Sun Tenderheart’s Desperate Measures.
  • Hand of Freedom will remove the Corrupted Brew debuff, if raid members get hit.
  • Hand of Protection will remove Garrote.
  • Divine Shield will allow you to solo soak Inferno Strike.

H: Norushen

Bosses: Amalgam of Corruption

Talents and Glyphs: Unbreakable Spirit is invaluable for personal survival and for soaking Residual Corruption (black orbs). For your 90 talent, decide between Holy Prism and Light’s Hammer based on how well your raid stays stacked up. Beacon of Light is a good glyph for this fight, as you can switch your Beacon whenever a tank begins taking the Test of Confidence. Divinity glyph is also good as the fight can be mana intensive.

Strategies and Tips:

  • This fight features constant raid damage with specific moments of burst, which occur when Manifestations of Corruption spawn and remain active. Raid damage will be highest for the last few spawns (particularly the 10% and 20%).
  • You should take the Test of Reliance only if your group needs you to soak Residual Corruption, or if you will be allowed to maintain the Purified buff for the fight duration (i.e. not soaking any corruption), as the buff is not very important for healing.
    • The allies for the Test of Reliance show up on your Boss Frames, not your Raid Frames.
    • You can cast Beacon of Light on your allies.
    • Your allies deal increased damage at higher health. If topped off, they are capable of killing the Greater Corruption without help from you in time.

H: Sha of Pride

Talents and Glyphs: Unbreakable Spirit and Holy Prism are the best talents for this fight, the former for surviving Swelling Pride and soaking Rifts of Corruption, and the latter due to the fact that it is difficult for your raid to stay stacked under Light’s Hammer. There are no exceptionally standout glyphs for the fight, so pick what you like best.

Strategies and Tips:

  • Raid damage is extremely light for the first 70% of the boss’s health, with occasional bursts each Swelling Pride. During the final 30%, raid damage is extreme due to Unleashed, with the highest burst from the Swelling Pride during this phase, after which the boss must die before his next Swelling Pride cast.
  • It is often best to dispel Mark of Arrogance regardless of whether you have Gift of the Titans or not, and especially prioritize dispels before Swelling Pride casts. This means that you may get 50 Pride before Unleashed, which is fine.
  • Healers are ineligible for Imprison, but are eligible for Banishment.
  • Divine Shield will remove Mark of Arrogance without a Pride gain.

H: Galakras

Talents and Glyphs: Clemency is the best 60 talent for the fight, and Beacon of Light is one of the best glyphs for the fight. The other talents and glyphs are up to taste.

Strategies and Tips:

  • Fist of Justice will stop Fracture channels, and Hand of Protection will protect the NPC’s from taking Fracture damage. Beacon of Light is also great at healing any damage that they do end up taking.
  • Hand of Freedom will remove one snare from Lieutenant Krugruk; however, Priests, Shaman, and Druids can remove all of the snares, making them far superior at healing the towers.
  • Divine Shield will drop all stacks of the Flames of Galakrond DoT. It will not, however, prevent the Flames of Galakrond orb from fixating (and exploding), so make sure you still run into the designated spot if you get it.

H: Iron Juggernaut

Talents and Glyphs: Unbreakable Spirit is invaluable on this fight due to the high damage you will be taking. Since your raid will not be stacked very often, you should take Holy Prism as your 90 talent. Beacon of Light glyph on this fight is mandatory as the tanks will be swapping and taking heavy damage. Divine Protection glyph is optional if you are required to frequently soak Crawler mines; however, I would not recommend it.

Strategies and Tips:

  • You can use 2 minute cooldowns (Holy Avenger, Tier 16 Divine Favor) at the beginning of the fight, and they will be back up for the first Siege Mode.
  • Save all throughput cooldowns for the Siege Mode here. You can use them at the start, or after the first Shock Pulse.
  • Devotion Aura is effective against Shock Pulse.
  • Divine Shield prevents both the damage and knockback from Shock Pulse.
  • Divine Shield and Hand of Protection grant immunity to Engulfed Explosion.

H: Kor’kron Dark Shaman

Bosses: Earthbreaker Haromm, Wavebinder Kardris

Overview: Most groups will use a 3 tank strategy for the fight, splitting the raid into two groups. Hence, you will only have to contend with one shaman’s mechanics. One group will deal with Earthbreaker Haromm, and the other group will deal with Wavebinder Kardris. As a Paladin healer, you are well suited to heal either group, so your strategy will depend on where you are assigned.

Talents and Glyphs: For Kardris, Clemency is your must-have 60 talent. For Haromm, you should decide based on your group composition and needs. Your 90 talent is up to personal choice. Take Beacon of Light glyph for Haromm’s side, the other glyphs are personal choice.

Stat Priorities: For Kardris, you should stack as much Mastery as possible, regardless of your normally preferred stat priorities. For Haromm, your usual stat priority should work.

Strategies and Tips:

  • Earthbreaker Haromm’s group will be taking by far and away the most damage throughout the fight. If the target of Haromm’s Foul Stream happens to also have Toxic Mist, he will need a large personal or external CD to survive the impact, due to Toxicity. Haromm’s group must also contend with Falling Ash, which will hit both groups when landing.
  • Wavebinder Kardris, by contrast, will be much more relaxed in terms of pure damage, but there is a twist: When the Iron Prison debuffs expire on your raid, they will need either a damage reduction effect or absorb (read: Illuminated Healing) to survive.
  • For both groups, damage will be highest at the end of the fight, after the shaman will cast Bloodlust at 25%, so plan your cooldowns accordingly.
  • Iron Prison damage is not mitigated by armor.
  • Foul Stream will prefer not to target players with Toxic Mist; however, it will if there are not enough players within Haromm’s vicinity. You need at least 5 players (in 10 player mode) on Haromm’s side to avoid this; however, it is possible to heal through the damage if you choose to send fewer.
  • Hand of Protection and Divine Shield will prevent Iron Prison damage but will not remove the debuff.
  • Divine Shield will prevent Foul Stream and Toxic Mist damage, but will not remove the Toxicity debuff.

H: General Nazgrim

Talents and Glyphs: When learning the fight, I highly recommend Clemency for your 60 talent. In addition, since your raid will not be stacked, Holy Prism is the best 90 talent. Glyph of Divine Protection should also be used, as most unavoidable damage is physical.

Strategies and Tips:

  • Kor’kron Snipers prefer to fixate healers. Kor’kron Assassins prefer to fixate ranged DPS. Both deal physical damage, and their attacks can be mitigated with Hand of Protection.
  • Fist of Justice will stun the adds, and can also interrupt Ironstorm from the Kor’kron Ironblades.
  • Hand of Protection and Divine Shield do not work against Sundering Blow or Bonecracker.
  • Devotion Aura is best as the boss hits 10% health, to mitigate Kor’kron Arcweaver damage.

H: Malkorok

Talents and Glyphs: Eternal Flame is mandatory on both 10 and 25 man difficulties. Use Unbreakable Spirit and Holy Prism as your 60 and 90 talents. For your glyphs, use Beacon of Light and Protector of the Innocent.

Stat Priorities: Unlike normally, you should aim for a Eternal Haste breakpoint over standard mastery. If you are still progressing, you should switch your gems into intellect (Brilliant Inferno Ruby for red sockets, Artful Vermilion Onyx for yellow, Purified Imperial Amethyst for blue), and reforge into 7,170 or 10,867 haste while still maintaining at least 15,000 spirit.

Strategies and Tips:

  • This fight is reminiscent of Heroic Tortos, but more extreme, if you did it.
  • Overhealing in Phase 1 does not exist. This increases the value of Eternal Flame ticks significantly.
  • Because tanks take large amounts of damage, make sure Beacon of Light is on the active tank. The best way to heal him is, again, by having as many HoTs up as possible, because all of them will 50% transfer onto the tank, and all of the overhealing ticks are completely recovered.
  • Divine Shield will protect you from Essence of Y’shaarj damage. However, your Ancient Barrier will still be removed, and you will still take the pulsing Ancient Miasma damage (though it’s not very much).
  • Any leftover Ancient Barriers will remain when Malkorok casts Blood Rage.
  • The fight can also be extremely mana-intensive. If it’s really bad, consider using Glyph of Divinity instead of Protector of the Innocent.

H: Spoils of Pandaria

Wowhead: Secured Stockpile of Pandaren Spoils

Talents and Glyphs: Eternal Flame is a solid 45 talent, since you are effectively in a 12-13 man group if you are in a 25 man raid. Unless you are doing the “one side” strategy, you are effectively a 5 man if you are in a 10 man raid. Unbreakable Spirit is the best 60 talent, since there are few good opportunities to use the other two. Finally, Holy Prism is the best 90 talent for the fight. Glyphs are a toss up, pick your favorite Eternal Flame glyphs.

Strategies and Tips:

  • The Staff of Resonating Water does significant DPS, and you should maximize its value by positioning yourself so you face as many enemies as possible, especially Unstable Sparks.
  • Devotion Aura reduces damage from Shadow Volley, Molten Fist, Jade Tempest, and Fracture on the Mogu side.
  • Hand of Freedom will dispel Keg Toss and Harden Flesh.
  • Divine Shield will protect you from Set to Blow damage from bombs on the ground and from the explosion from the debuff expiring on you.  It will not remove the debuff so you can either drop your bombs with the button or bubble the expiration.  It’s good form to clear some out while your bubble is active.

H: Thok the Bloodthirsty

Talents and Glyphs: Selfless Healer is required on 25 man, and highly recommended on 10 man. You should also use Clemency for Hand of Protection on other healers, and Light’s Hammer since your raid will be stacked. Beacon of Light and Divine Protection glyphs should be used.

  • Raid damage will be high throughout the fight from Deafening Screech. The highest damage will be when Captive Cave Bats are released; most groups will do this with the “poison” phase.
  • While you can Crusader Strike for Holy Power, with Selfless Healer you should never have to.
  • Holy Radiance with Infusion of Light or at least 1 stack of Selfless Healer will not be interrupted if cast immediately following a Deafening Screech.
  • Devotion Aura, Hand of Protection and Divine Shield all prevent the interrupt from Deafening Screech.
  • Divine Shield and Hand of Protection will prevent damage from Wrecking Ball.
  • Save Divine Protection for the DoT if you are in a poison phase. Save Divine Shield for when you use throughput cooldowns and/or when Deafening Screeches are becoming overwhelming.
  • Beacon of Light, due to its long range and passive throughput, can help save the last Fixate target from dying when the boss does his first Deafening Screeches or from a bad Tail Lash.

H: Siegecrafter Blackfuse

Talents and Glyphs: All talents and glyphs are a free choice, pick what will suit your group’s strategy and composition most.

Strategies and Tips:

  • The highest amounts of raid damage will coincide with the high stack Overloads cast by Automated Shredders, especially if cast during Magnetic Crush phases.
  • Divine Shield will not remove Locked On, but will remove and prevent Superheated Stacks.
  • Hand of Protection can protect players from Serrated Sawblade and Magnetic Crush damage.

H: Paragons of the Klaxxi

Bosses: Skeer the Bloodseeker, Rik’kal the Dissector, Hisek the Swarmkeeper, Ka’roz the Locust, Korven the Prime, Iyyokuk the Lucid, Xaril the Poisoned Mind, Kaz’tik the Manipulator, Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver

Talents and Glyphs: It’s difficult for the raid to stay stacked due to several boss mechanics, so Holy Prism is probably the best 90 talent. Choose between Unbreakable Spirit and Clemency for your 60 talent. You should use Glyph for Divinity, since the fight is extremely brutal on mana.

Strategies and Tips:

  • This fight is long and arduous, so be good with mana management. Raid damage is highest in the first half of the encounter, and is replaced by high tank damage near the end of the encounter.
  • Hand of Protection will remove Hewn (Skeer), Genetic Alteration (Rik’kal), Tenderizing Strikes (Xaril), and Exposed Veins (Kil’ruk).
  • Hand of Protection and Divine Shield will prevent damage from Sonic Pulse during Rapid Fire (Hisek).
  • Immunities do not prevent damage from Aim (Hisek). Use Hand of Sacrifice for the Aim target.
  • Hand of Protection, Divine Shield, and Every Man for Himself will remove Whirling (Ka’roz).
  • Immunities do not prevent Toxic Catalyst effects from Xaril, but will prevent damage from them.
  • Divine Shield does not remove Chilled to the Bone, but it will prevent the Eerie Fog damage (Green pools from Xaril’s Catalyst: Green).
  • Immunities do not remove the “forced walking” effect of Mesmerize (Kaz’tik), nor will they protect you from being killed by Kunchongs. However, they will prevent the periodic damage effect of Mesmerize.
  • Contrary to the tooltip, on Heroic difficulty Calculated Heal from Ingenious (Iyyokuk) will heal all raid members of the same race as your target, not the same class.
  • Divine Shield will remove you as an edge for Fiery Edges (Iyyokuk) if you cast it after you have been chosen but before the lines appear.

H: Garrosh Hellscream

Talents and Glyphs: Unbreakable Spirit and Light’s Hammer are the best talents for the fight. Take Beacon of Light glyph and your favorite 3rd glyph.

Strategies and Tips:

  • This fight is rather relaxed in terms of overall healing, but there are predictable phases of extremely heavy burst damage and can depend on your group’s strategy for handling the fight mechanics. Familiarize yourself with these mechanics and plan your cooldowns accordingly.
  • Kor’kron Warbringers melee for Shadow Damage. Thus, Divine Protection is best without the Glyph, and Devotion Aura is effective against their attacks.
  • Blinding Light will only interrupt and stun Embodied Doubt if it is glyphed.
  • Divine Shield will protect you from Annihilate (both the raid-wide AoE, and the center cone).
  • Divine Shield will allow you to soak Malicious Blast (preventing it from hitting Garrosh), and will render you immune to both the damage and the debuff.
  • Devotion Aura will not prevent the interrupt effect from Unstable Iron Star (the explosion when it hits a player or Garrosh).
2 thoughts on “Siege of Orgrimmar Holy Paladin Guide
  1. Here are some additions from a 10man perspective.

    H Immerseus

    During the split phases, Beacon can be switched from the tank to a Contaminated Puddled. Activating Guardian of Ancient King and casting Flash of Light on the Beaconed Puddle will heal the Beaconed Puddle to 100% health very quickly and generate Holy Power via Tower of Radiance.

    Once that first Beaconed Puddle is at 100%, Beacon can be switched to another Contaminated Puddle and the Holy Power generated from Tower of Radiance can be used to drop a 3 Holy Power Eternal Flame on a 3rd Contaminated Puddle.

    H Fallen Protectors

    Hand of Sacrifice can be used to help negate the damage dealt by Mark of Anguish.

    H Dark Shamans

    For Wavebinder Kardris, the Glyph of Divine Protection can be used to soak 20% of the damage done when the Iron Prison debuff is removed.

    Sacred Shield can be used when healing the Kardris group to deal solely with the Iron Prison debuffs. Sacred Shield, when used, comes close to negating 100% of the damage the Iron Prison debuff causes when removed.

    I’d suggest the Sacred Shield talent only be used if the damage the raid is taking from the removal of the Iron Prison debuff is significantly higher than the damage the tank is taking from Wavebinder Kardris.

    H Malkorok

    Divine Protection can be used to soak the pools from Imploding Energy.

    Hand of Freedom can be used to remove the slow caused by Living Corruption ads.

    Divine Shield can be used during the Blood Rage phase to clear the Essence of Y’shaarj orbs.

    • Thanks for the comments!

      Immerseus: I will add a remark that Beacon can be cast on Contaminated Puddles – how you choose to deal with that is up to you. Particularly as I alluded to, I found that Puddle healing is slightly less valuable earlier (it’s extremely easy to top the first few), and using cooldowns on later waves becomes more important.

      Dark Shaman: You’re correct that the Glyph will reduce Iron Prison damage (as it is physical). I’ll make a note it is not armor mitigated though – since that can be a source of confusion. That said, it’s not clear whether using the glyph is necessarily best for the fight, since most of the other damage sources are magic.

      That said I’m not sold on Sacred Shield. Given the SP coefficient it seems like an average absorb from the shield will only be in the ~60-100k range given very high end gear. The thing is, at my level of mastery, the IH from a single Word of Glory already rivals that absorb, and there’s a lot more control when it comes to damage lining up with the debuff running out. Similar to the glyph, if the only source of damage were Iron Prison, it would be different – but it’s not.

      Malkorok: Freedom will remove Languish, but I’m not sold on it being that valuable of a GCD to begin with. If your raid group is performing well, the adds should be taunted into the melee group quickly and then cleaved quickly. It can be useful to get the debuff off if an add is stuck in range, or if it is persisting, but to be frank that means your raid has other problems.

      You can use Divine Shield during Blood Rage, yes, but I’d argue that’s a poor use of the ability. You don’t need it then, since the damage is (relatively) pathetic especially if you have Divine Protection up. You want to use it during the main phase, where the damage you take can’t actually be healed back up.

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