Bank Tab Icons and You, the Definitive Guide

I haven’t done much with this site in quite a while because frankly, the game hasn’t been interesting to me and I haven’t been playing.  I’ve kept it alive since I think there’s still some good information here even if some of it is a little outdated.

Fast forward to now and I’ve been poking around again but with my current state of play I’m in no position to talk about anything that’s happening but I’ve recently found a game tip that I thought I’d share anyway.

The guild bank tab info.  It’s a simple little thing BankTabIconbut it’s always bugged me that I can never find the icon I want for the tabs.  I understand this is not something that is high on most people’s priority list and clearly Blizzard doesn’t give it much thought either since there’s no way to sort, filter, search…

So after being bothered by this for many years I finally decided that out of the millions of people that have played this game over the years, someone has tried to fix this issue and I took to the internet in search of answers.

I found an article from a few years back that seems to have the solution I’ve been seeking.


After reading the article the answer seems pretty simple. Use this script: /script SetGuildBankTabInfo(1,”Materials”,”spell_nature_bloodlust”) where the first variable is the tab number, second is the tab text and third is the icon you want to use.

All you have to do is go to Wowhead HJ_Inspectand find the icon you want and you’re golden. In my case I was looking for the icon for Heavy Junkbox (I don’t have to explain and yes I hate myself). When I moused over the icon on the page it only gives me a javascript reference and not the path to the actual icon so I still don’t know what to use as the third variable. To solve this all I had to do was right-click while hovering over the icon and click
“Inspect Element”

What this does is pops open a box at the bottom of my browser (using Google Chrome) that shows the code surrounding this icon. It will highlight the line that calls the javascript since that’s how Chrome sees that icon but if you look at the line right above it you can see the image that’s called to display here.JavaElement

This give me a script that looks like this:

/script SetGuildBankTabInfo(6,”Heavy Junkbox”,”inv_box_03″)

and a guild bank tab that looks like this:

HeavyJunkboxI feel like I just won the game!  I hope this helps someone, good luck everybody!