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Holy Paladin

Holy Bouch

Formerly Fullspectrumholypally, Bouchbagette from Full Spectrum, Alleria-US has finally gotten himself a proper domain name and is busy as ever crunching the numbers and doing stat comparisons in addition to giving his learned opinions on the state of pally.  Full Spectrum has been a high end 10m guild so he is writing from that perspective. Streaming at


Sacred Duty

Long a mainstay in the prot community as a premier theorycrafting site, Theck of Cadenza, Tichondrius-US  is still going strong and regularly updating his site.  Look here for the most up to date numbers and musings about tanking.  He can be a little mathy but even the mathphobic can glean a tremendous amount of information from his articles.  He also has a great repository of WeakAuras2 strings for a number of classes.  Anafielle of Something Wicked, Whisperwind-US is a contributing author here in addition to her casting duties for Final Boss TV.



If you like healing… and pies… This is the place to go.  Dayani plays all healers and things healer-y things.  She cooks too!


Healing Method

This is a article series from ManaFlask written by Sonie from Method, Twister Nether-EU talking about winning the race in Siege of Orgrimmar and the current state of healing in the game. Sonie is a resto shaman for his day job but moonlights as a disc priest doing challenge modes. Sonie also streams his shenanigans at

Life in Group 5

Vixsin, currently raiding in Promethean, Malfurion-US, has been writing about resto shaman and healing things since the days when I was a tiny, learning healer and has frequently been a sanity check during turbulent times.  An intelligent and thoughtful writer she has something to contribute to all players even though primarily she writes about healing and shaman.

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