I started playing World of Warcraft during Wrath of the Lich King and my first real raiding came in ICC. I started as a hunter but quickly switched to healing on a shaman because light beams looked fun! I didn’t get serious about raiding until Cataclysm where I raided as a resto shaman through the dark days of Firelands and switched to my paladin during Dragon Soul.

Why start yet another blogsite?  I’ve done my share of rambling on public forums and I always feel like there’s more to say or share about what I know or what I’ve experienced than those formats are ready to assimilate.  This gives me the opportunity to not only share my opinion about the state of the class and the game but get people I know I and respect to offer their opinions as well to share with people who might be interested.


I’ve had a shorter but quite eventful history on World of Warcraft, starting in the very tail end of Wrath of the Lich King. My first real raiding was in Tier 11 in Cataclysm, where I started as a Warlock. During the expansion, I went from a beginner to serious raider, being able to complete my first heroic tier in Dragon Soul. I also had stints playing a Blood Death Knight, and later a Restoration and Feral (Bearcat, when it still existed!) druid both in heroic content.

It was there when I decided that watching friendly health bars was more fun than enemy ones. In Mists, I switched to a Paladin, and never looked back. Outside of raiding, I also enjoy doing Challenge Modes, PvP, and achievement running.