WoD Pre-Raid BiS

I have reconsidered my stat priorities so this is more or less incorrect for me.  The random roll items can roll your stat preference and the suffixes are listed at the bottom.  In general the idea here is still correct but some of the pieces aren’t as well itemized as I would like.  If you want to look at my more up to date Highmaul musings, check this out!

The new gearing model has done an admirable job of making actual Best in Slot lists obsolete because of the incredible number of sources of gear pre-raid.  There are RNG rewards, Apexis Crystal vendor items, crafting and PvP rewards.  The restriction of three crafted pieces per character makes gearing via the auction house an impossibility, you will have to diversify.

An excellent guide to the general strategies surrounding gearing was done over at Wowhead.  This is meant to be a Holy Paladin companion to that guide.

Crafted items and those you receive from Challenger’s Strongbox have random enchantments.  For this list I’ve used “of the Fireflash” which gives critical strike and haste and “of the Fanatic” which is critical strike and spirit.  If you are interested in the other available random enchants, I have them listed at the bottom of this page.

This list is a WiP so if I’ve missed something please leave a note in the comments and let me know so I can add it!


Crown of Desolation 640 Crit/Haste Molten Core
Truesteel Helm of the Firelash 640-665 Crit/Haste Blacksmithing
Bouldercrush Helm of the Firelash 640 Crit/Haste Challenger’s Strongbox
Incandine Greathelm 630 Crit/Haste Heroic Dungeons
Crystal-Plated Greathelm 630-655 Mastery/Multistrike 5000 Apexis Crystals
Tehax’s Penetrating Visage 645 Mastery/Versatility Invader’s Forgotten Treasure


Osseric’s Ossified Chained Orb 665 Crit/Sprit World Drop
Whispering Taladite Pendant of the Fanatic 640-665 Crit/Spirit Jewelcrafting
Wavesurge Choker 630 Crit/Spirit Heroic Dungeons
Blackfire Amulet of the Firelash 640 Crit/Haste Challenger’s Strongbox


Truesteel Pauldrons of the Firelash 640-665 Crit/Haste Blacksmithing
Bouldercrush Pauldrons of the Firelash 640 Crit/Haste Challenger’s Strongbox
Spaulders of Primal Ferocity 645 Haste/Mastery Invader’s Forgotten Treasure
Incandine Shoulderguard 630 Crit/Haste Heroic Dungeons


Truesteel Breastplate of the Firelash 640-665 Crit/Haste Blacksmithing
Bouldercrush Breastplate of the Firelash 640 Crit/Haste Challenger’s Strongbox
Goldsteel Chestguard 630 Crit/Haste Heroic Dungeons


Primal Gladiator’s Girdle of Cruelty 660 Crit/Haste 1750 Conquest
Truesteel Waistguard 640-665 Crit/Haste Blacksmithing
Bouldercrush Girdle of the Fireflash 640 Crit/Haste Challenger’s Strongbox
Rivet-Sealed Waistplate 630 Crit/Haste Heroic Dungeons
Crystal-Plated Greatbelt 630-655 Mastery/Versatility 4000 Apexis Crystals


Truesteel Greaves of the Fireflash 640-665 Crit/Haste Blacksmithing
Bouldercrush Legplates of the Fireflash 640 Crit/Haste Challenger’s Strongbox
Crystal-Plated Legs 630-655 Crit/Versatility Apexis Crystal Vendor
Incarnadine Legplates 630 Crit/Haste Heroic Dungeons


Truesteel Boots 640-665 Crit/Haste Blacksmithing
Bouldercrush Sabatons of the Firelash 640 Crit/Haste Challenger’s Strongbox
Ozymandias’ Burdensome Treads 645 Haste/Multistrike Invader’s Forgotten Treasure
Incarnadine Greaves 630 Crit/Haste Heroic Dungeons


Truesteel Armguards 640-665 Crit/Haste Blacksmithing
Primal Gladiator’s Armplates of Prowess 660 Crit/Multistrike 1250 Conquest
Incarnadine Bracers 630 Crit/Haste Heroic Dungeons
Crystal-Plated Bracers 630-655 Haste/Multistrike 3000 Apexis Crystals


Truesteel Gauntlets 640-665 Crit/Haste Blacksmithing
Bouldercrush Gauntles of the Fireflash 640 Crit/Haste Challenger’s Strongbox
Verdant Plate Grips 630 Crit/Haste Heroic Dungeons
Crystal-Plated Gauntlets 630-655 Haste/Mastery 4000 Apexis Crystals


Timeless Solium Band of Lifegiving 680 Haste/Spirit Legendary Quest Reward
Seal of Yen Ta 665 Crit/Spirit Shadowmoon Valley Zone Drop
Whispering Taladite Ring of the Fanatic 640-665 Crit/Spirit Jewelcrafting
Band of Growing Leaves 630 Crit/Spirit Heroic Dungeons



Winged Hourglass 640 Int/Spirit Inscription(Darkmoon Faire)
Everburning Candle 665 Int/Mana World Drop
Voidmender’s Shadowgem  630 Spirit (Crit) Nhallish – Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

*I only listed the few here that are actually good.  The rest of the trinkets available pre-raid are mediocre at best so get the DMC for one slot and try to get either of the other two listed as second or just equip the best of the drek that does drop if you can’t get the decent ones.


Flamelicked Cloak of Kaufebyrd 665 Crit/Spirit World Drop
Primal Gladiator’s Drape of Contemplation 660 Crit/Spirit 1250 Conquest
Drape of Iron Sutures 630 Crit/Spirit Heroic Dungeons
Brilliant Burnished Cloak of the Fireflash 640-665 Crit/Haste Leatherworking
Brilliant Hexweave Cloak of the Fireflash 640-665 Crit/Haste Tailoring


Main Hand

Blackfire Scepter of the Fireflash 640 Crit/Haste Challenger’s Strongbox
Steelforged Axe of the Fireflash 640-655 Crit/Haste Blacksmithing
Soulcutter Mageblade 630 Crit/Haste Auchindoun

Off Hand/Shield

Genesaur Braid 665 Haste/Multistrike World Drop
Disc of the Third Moon 665 Haste/Mastery World Drop
Steelforged Aegis of the Fireflash 630-655 Crit/Haste Blacksmithing
Sadana’s Grisly Visage 630 Crit/Haste Sadana Bloodfury – Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

Intellect Suffixes

  • of the Aurora – Haste/Versatility
  • of the Deft – Haste/Multistrike
  • of the Feverflare – Haste/Mastery
  • of the Fireflash – Crit/Haste
  • of the Harmonius – Mastery/Versatility
  • of the Merciless – Mastery/Multistrike
  • of the Peerless – Crit/Mastery
  • of the Quickblade – Crit/Versatility
  • of the Savage – Crit/Multistrike
  • of the Strategist – Multistrike/Versatility

Spirit Suffixes

  • of the Augur – Spirit/Versatility
  • of the Diviner – Spirit/Mastery
  • of the Fanatic – Spirit/Crit
  • of the Herald – Spirit/Multistrike
  • of the Zealot – Spirit/Haste


Zero to Hero: Coming Back to Raiding After a Break

It’s not ALWAYS all about me!  Nyler has been a Death Knight, a Tiny Bear, a Tree and most recently is enjoying his Holy Paladin.  As one of the premier raiding 10m Heroic Holy Paladins and a long time friend of mine I’m pleased he’s decided to share his thoughts on returning to the game after a hiatus.  You can catch him streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/nylerblit from 8-12am EST Tuesday through Thursday or on Twitter @NylerGaming.  -Lucy

Hello there my fellow wielders of the light. My name is Nyler and I’m a top 10 U.S. raider formerly of <TM> and <Duality>, and currently of <Topped Off>. As someone who recently returned from an extended hiatus after Heroic Sha of Fear and Throne of Thunder PTR burnout, I decided to blog a little about the grind back to greatness, since the new patch is just around the corner.  Everyone needs a break from time to time and though the duration and reasons behinds the breaks are different for everyone, the “I’m so far behind” grind shares the same daunting weight. Things change every patch and getting back into the swing of things is difficult. Continue reading

Glyph of Beacon of Light’s Unseen Value

A lot of paladins are aware that Glyph of Divinity and Protector of the Innocent are rather solid choices but one that gets over looked every now and then is the Glyph of Beacon of Light. This is the glyph that removes the global cooldown (gcd) from the beacon of light spell. If you don’t know, a gcd is the small delay before you’re allowed to use another instant spell or begin casting/channeling again. Typically a holy pally’s gcd this tier is anywhere from 1.2 to 1.3 seconds (it matches your Flash of Light cast time).

What this means for the play style is typically two scenarios that are similar to one another. First is you finish casting a spell, change your beacon target and immediately cast another spell. The 2nd is you use an instant spell and then change your beacon target while you’re still in the middle of the gcd from your instant spell cast. Both of these would pretty much cause you to have no delay or time lost at all from changing your beacon target. an uncommon situation is also if the tanks are not taking boss hits but the raid needs healing then you can rapidly switch beacon to various dps who need healing while spamming the raid to lower beacon overheal.

“But why should I even care to micro manage this as after all 1.2x seconds is hardly anything?” This isn’t an uncommon thought but is wrong. Managing gcds is still an important task especially this expansion with how our instant cast spells are our top healing abilities. What removing the gcd realistically means is after you cast beacon of light, rather then standing still for 1.2x seconds you instead cast an extra heal. Think about how you could cast a holy shock for 45-50k+, or an eternal flames 80-90k healing (plus the hot) during the time that you would otherwise be waiting on the beacon gcd. Now consider a fight with 5-10 beacon swaps and all of a sudden being able to use that many more instants or partial cast-time spells adds up quite well in healing value gained (especially since those rough numbers didn’t include absorb and beacon transfer values).

Another important gain is tank swaps on hard hitting bosses. This expansion has already had several of those where cooldowns and fast reactions are a must. In this case being able to change beacon on the taunt swap and immediately use an instant or cast Divine Light on them with no delay from the beacon cast can be invaluable.