Lucy’s Ridiculously Premature and Probably Wrong T16 BiS List!

I blame Endule for anything that happens here.  Were it not for him doing all the legwork to get all this started I wouldn’t have been tempted to write about it.  So really, it’s not my fault, it’s his.

If anyone is interested in the numbers for next patch and how to determine what stats and rotations are good for us, I’m gonna send you to Bouchbagette over at Full Spectrum Holy Pally since he’s done an amazing job crunching the numbers.  Good stuff!

I shouldn’t even go there yet, but I’m bored and was putting my spreadsheets together for next tier and figured it’s never the wrong time to be horribly misguided!

There’s been some conversation over the MMO-C Forums about our stat priorities considering the relative mana efficiency of Selfless Healer and the likelihood that we’ll be using that almost exclusively next tier.  The agreement over there seems to be that we’re looking at a dropping a ton of spirit and because of the changes to Sanctity of Battle, reducing the cooldown on Holy Shock, haste is now pretty attractive.  What this means is that mastery will remain our number one secondary stat but haste will jump ahead of spirit and crit so that our final stat priority looks like mastery > haste > spirit >= crit (the order of the last two may vary depending on who you talk to but it’s largely irrelevant).

Our gear for T16 is absolutely soaked in mastery and spirt like it’s not even funny how many pieces have them both.  Every slot can have both on it with the exception of one ring if that’s how we want to gear.  We also have a lot of red sockets.  I’m not actually a huge fan of red sockets with intellect bonuses, but it’s what we’ve got to work with at this point.  My co-pally, Endule, ran some gear sims and it’s looking like we can hit 70% mastery with the amplification trinket and ignoring all our socket bonuses in heroic gear next tier as well.  Once the heroic pieces are put into the database I’ll be happy to look at that again and see where we are with the real numbers.

On to the list!

Slot Item Stat 1 Stat 2 Sockets
Head Headguard of Winged Triumph Mastery Spirit 1 meta 1 red (+180 int)
Neck Lost Necklace of the Mogu Empress Mastery Spirit
Shoulders Mantle of Winged Triumph Mastery Spirit 2 red (+120 int)
Cloak Jina-Kang Kindness of Chi-Ji Mastery Haste 1 red (+60 int)
Chest Chestplate of Fallen Passion Mastery Spirit 2 red 1 yellow (+180 int)
Bracers Smoldering Drakescale Bracers Mastery Spirit
Gloves Gloves of Winged Triumph Mastery Spirit 2 red (+120 int)
Waist Greatbelt of Living Waters Mastery Spirit 1 red 1 yellow (+120 int)
Legs Greaves of Winged Triumph Mastery Spirit 2 yellow (+120 int)
Boots Mogu Mindbender's Greaves Mastery Haste 1 blue (+60 spi)
Ring 1 Signet of the Dinomancers Mastery Haste 1 red (+60 spi)
Ring 2 Seal of Eternal Sorrow Mastery Spirit 1 blue (+60 spi)
Trinket 1 Prismatic Prison of Pride Intellect Amplify
Trinket 2 Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity Intellect Spirit Proc
Main Hand Kardris' Scepter Mastery Spirit 1 red (+60 int)
Off Hand Norushen's Enigmatic Barrier Mastery Spirit 1 red (+60 int)


Now, take this with all the appropriate grains of salt.  The gear isn’t finalized yet and there are plenty of reasons to think that there may be some changes to trinkets.  The amplify trinket specifically is going to be troublesome in the extreme with some classes benefiting so heavily that double equipping could prove game-breaking.  We’re also going to be fighting with shadow priests and likely warlocks for our bis ring even though it has a spirit socket bonus.

I went ahead and did some rough calculations to see where we’re sitting with our stats with a full normal mode set of gear.  I ignored most socket bonuses and stacked fractured in almost everything.  The exceptions being the helm where I traded 160 mastery for 260 intellect, the belt where I took 200 intellect over 160 mastery, and the chest loses 320 mastery for  340 intellect.  I ignored blue sockets and spirit bonuses entirely.  I’m not 100% sure this is what I’ll do when 5.4 goes live, but until I get more testing in on the PTR I’m faking it.  The end result gives us 24k intellect, 11.8k spirit (none of this has been reforged off), and 17k mastery, which puts us around 45.8% mastery unbuffed (52% with Blessing of Might).  To put this in a little bit of perspective as far as the amplification trinket goes, this gives us just over 58% mastery with an normal mode, non-upgraded trinket.  You can see now why I have my doubts that it will go live.

The good news is our current set bonuses are pretty mediocre so it will probably be fine to break whenever we get anything that looks remotely like an upgrade even if we replace it with tier not too far down the line.  I really don’t think our 2pc set bonus is bad for T16 but it may not be worth dkp dumping to get either.  As far as our 2pc/4pc in T16 we’ll end up with it no matter what since the itemization is good on all our tier minus the chest unless you go crazy haste which isn’t looking like the right thing to do at this point anyway.  Plus we get a snazzy chest with better sockets as our off piece!

Hooray for being wrong on the weekends!  Thanks for tuning in and I’ll likely be wrong about some other stuff soon!


If you’re feeling crazy, here’s the spreadsheet I used to tally things up.  It’s not that clean but should give a general idea.

Who Do VuhDo?

This is the first article in what will be a series detailing how to build a healing user interface (UI).  In my wanderings around the internet one of the themes that keeps repeating is that everyone, healers included, is always looking for a way to maximize their performance and many times UI improvements can go a long way toward that goal. 

Begin at the beginning…

Health_BarsThe core of any healer’s interface is the connection between the person behind the keyboard and the heath bars of our raid. Every decision that a healer makes need to be directed at how to make the bars stay happy.  I would say the biggest one, but also the most forgiving, is deciding which unit frames to use.  Gone are the days of the mythical HealBot that legitimately healed for you.  Current choices include standard Blizzard unit frames, Grid, Grid2, VuhDo, Healbot … Any of these will work and there are people playing at very high levels with them all.  The basic premise remains the same throughout, you have a little box that turns funny colors when people get hurt, or have a bad debuff, or a buff.  You can show role, class, name, health in absolute numbers or percentages, your hots/buffs on players, their own hots/buffs, the other healers’ hots/buffs and the list goes on.  The core of a functional set of raid frames is displaying the information that you feel is important in a way that is easily interpreted and can be quickly acted upon if necessary.  It is immensely easy to clutter up your raid frames so that they’re too busy to be useful so a lot of what gets done is streamlining.

After you’ve grabbed the raid frames of your choice, you need to set up how you interact with your frames to heal the peoples.  Some of the raid frames come with integrated spell tools that allow you to use right and left click with modifiers to cast healing spells as you mouseover the player unit frames, some rely on external input that can be mouseover macros set up through the Blizzard macro tool or through an external macro tool like Clique, or you can select a frame by clicking on it and casting a spell from a normal keybind (or clicking something on your action bar, but I promise you that’s a terrible way to do things).

Since this is all about how I do things, we’re going to look at VuhDo and have since I started my first healer back in Wrath.  It’s not that I’m being stubborn and haven’t tried other options.  I’ve dabbled with Grid and Grid2 (yes, these are completely different things) and was forced into Healbot during MoP beta since it was the only thing that worked in the early days but I’ve always come back to VuhDo.

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Glyph of Beacon of Light’s Unseen Value

A lot of paladins are aware that Glyph of Divinity and Protector of the Innocent are rather solid choices but one that gets over looked every now and then is the Glyph of Beacon of Light. This is the glyph that removes the global cooldown (gcd) from the beacon of light spell. If you don’t know, a gcd is the small delay before you’re allowed to use another instant spell or begin casting/channeling again. Typically a holy pally’s gcd this tier is anywhere from 1.2 to 1.3 seconds (it matches your Flash of Light cast time).

What this means for the play style is typically two scenarios that are similar to one another. First is you finish casting a spell, change your beacon target and immediately cast another spell. The 2nd is you use an instant spell and then change your beacon target while you’re still in the middle of the gcd from your instant spell cast. Both of these would pretty much cause you to have no delay or time lost at all from changing your beacon target. an uncommon situation is also if the tanks are not taking boss hits but the raid needs healing then you can rapidly switch beacon to various dps who need healing while spamming the raid to lower beacon overheal.

“But why should I even care to micro manage this as after all 1.2x seconds is hardly anything?” This isn’t an uncommon thought but is wrong. Managing gcds is still an important task especially this expansion with how our instant cast spells are our top healing abilities. What removing the gcd realistically means is after you cast beacon of light, rather then standing still for 1.2x seconds you instead cast an extra heal. Think about how you could cast a holy shock for 45-50k+, or an eternal flames 80-90k healing (plus the hot) during the time that you would otherwise be waiting on the beacon gcd. Now consider a fight with 5-10 beacon swaps and all of a sudden being able to use that many more instants or partial cast-time spells adds up quite well in healing value gained (especially since those rough numbers didn’t include absorb and beacon transfer values).

Another important gain is tank swaps on hard hitting bosses. This expansion has already had several of those where cooldowns and fast reactions are a must. In this case being able to change beacon on the taunt swap and immediately use an instant or cast Divine Light on them with no delay from the beacon cast can be invaluable.